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is delivering daily news, videos, info and consumer friendly online room booking services from the South Asian belt.

12 South Asian countries from where is servicing local businesses, expat communities, visitors and investors in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore, as well as travelers from around the world, who like to keep in touch with the most popular Asian holiday destinations. is a part of the Internet TV Network, which includes

where around 1.000 hours of exclusive videos and other interesting youtube videos are showing real life.


Global range and usability

Since a while Internet TV has become a fast growing “New Media” thanks to it's global availability on all types of computers, including mobile devices.

That's why more and more users enjoy their preferred exotic stations.

And even when driving a car or traveling on trains and buses, or sitting on a beach it is now possible, to tune in into any Internet TV Station by Smartphone, what makes it very easy, to keep in touch with “your TV Station” wherever you are.

So watch our Internet TV streams to keep in touch with South Asia.





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